Welcome to the Peacock Page! I'm so glad you're here!

Welcome to the Peacock Page!  I'm so glad you're here!

Science Is Everywhere

Seymour Simon is a wonderful writer of children's books. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. 
Since he was young, Seymour Simon has loved science and writing.  As a boy growing up in the Bronx, New York, he took note of all the science he could see in his everyday life.

He studied the stars, the seasons, thunderstorms, and all the living things that lived and grew in the vacant lot near his home. He has spent his life learning about science and writing books to entertain and teach children.

Thank you, Seymour Simon, for your exceptional contribution to children's literature!
Would you like to find more books by Seymour Simon?  Go to your public library, and visit his website: www.seymoursimon.com.
Tell me about your favorite Seymour Simon book. I'd love to hear about it!

Marvelous Murals

What do you think of these wild creatures
They're part of a collection of marvelous murals at Jonathan Jennings Elementary School. 
 The murals were created by Mr. Craig Huljak's art students.

If you take a walk through Jonathan Jennings School, you will find happy walls wherever you look.

You will see an eagle,
a dinosaur dig,
a jay hawk clutching a basketball,
a funny bird's nest,
and busy children playing and learning.

It's great to see the bright and wonderful walls of Jonathan Jennings School.
Thank you, Mr. Huljak and students!

A Day of Dancing

Today I attended the 41st Annual Children's Folk Dance Festival, sponsored by the Indiana Music Educators Association.

Children from 18 elementary schools learned folk dances from all over the world and performed them in unison at North Central High School in Indianapolis.

At 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, the high school gym became a ballroom. 400 children turned, twirled and stomped their way through twelve folk dances.

Students stepped lively to music from Poland, Italy, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Bolivia, Mexico, China, the United States, and Scotland.

What a great opportunity - to learn about a culture by understanding its special way of dancing!

Bravo to Michael McBride, festival coordinator, and Marie Lawlor, dance coordinator. It was a wonderful day!

A Native American Story

Young Wolf was a boy who lived a long time ago. He was a member of the Miami Indian tribe. This story tells about the way he lived:
Young Wolf lived in a small round house with his parents and his sister. The house was made out of plants called reeds. When the weather got cold, his mother made a fire to keep the family warm.  She sewed blankets made of animal hides.
Young Wolf's mother had long hair that she wore in a braid. She planted corn, beans and squash for the family to eat. Young Wolf loved the delicious soup and cornbread his mother made. He helped his mother gather wood to make the fire for cooking.
Young Wolf's father was a great hunter.  He knew how to use a bow and arrow. He used a spear to kill wild animals.
In the winter, Young Wolf's father went away to hunt buffalo. Young wolf helped his mother while his father was gone.  Young Wolf knew that when he got older he would go hunting with his father.
Young Wolf's father taught him how to catch fish in the river. He took the fish home. His mother cooked the fish.
Young Wolf had a little sister named Shining Sun. His mother carried Shining Sun on her back while she worked.  Young Wolf made dolls out of cornhusks. He gave them to his sister. He took care of his sister while his mother cooked.
Young Wolf had lots of friends.  They swam in the river. They raced and climbed trees. they went to the forest to collect fruit and nuts. 
The boys made boats called canoes.  They chopped down a big tree and dug out the inside.  They took the boats out on the river and had a great time.
On special days, all the families in the village had a party.  They painted their faces and sang and danced and told stories.  All the Miami Indian people wore leather headbands with beads on them.  This showed they were members of the same tribe, and they were proud.
         Now do this: Draw a picture of Young Wolf with his family.

Let's Write a Story!

Do you have a writing journal? All you need is a notebook or a stack of papers that you staple together. In your journal, you can write about anything you like. You can draw pictures to go with your stories. It's a lot of fun to have a writing journal. Here is a list of things you might want to write about in your journal.

  1. Things I like to do on a rainy day
  2. All about my pet
  3. A time when I was really surprised
  4. If I had a pet elephant, here are the things we would do together
  5. My favorite food and how to make it
  6. Let me tell you what I like about school
  7. A funny story about a very windy day
  8. Why I love my birthday
  9. This is what my bedroom looks like
  10. What would happen if a frog jumped into the kitchen
  11. All about my trip to ______________
  12. Here's what's new at my house
  13. The things I would do if I were ten feet tall
  14. A funny story about a lion who won't get out of bed
  15. All about the people in my family
  16. How to have a great time at recess
  17. Ten things you might not know about me
  18. How to have a great time at recess
  19. Let me tell you about a very special day I had
  20. My favorite game and how to play it

A Letter From Santa's Wife

I have just received a letter from Mrs. Santa Claus. She needs a favor this year. Here's the message:

Dear Children of the World,
Will you help me, please?
My husband is getting fatter and fatter every day. 
He gets bigger and bigger all the time. 
This is a huge problem, because all of his pants are now too small.
Santa has been eating too much.
I do not want him to have a lot of candy or cookies when he comes to your house. 
Please just give him one cookie and two pieces of candy at the most.
I know that children like to leave a snack out for Santa, and it's very nice of you, but I love Santa very much and I don't want him to get sick on all of that sweet food.
If you want, you could give Santa an apple or an orange, a small bag of nuts, or a few pretzels in a dish. A glass of milk would be fine, but please do not give him too much pop to drink. 
Pop makes him burp.
Thank you for helping me keep my husband healthy. 
I know he will bring all of you lots and lots of great toys and gifts.
Merry Christmas!
Your friend,
Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus has given us something to think about. What would you like to leave out for Santa? Draw a picture of a plate of food you think Santa might like. And remember... keep it healthy!

Special Food (Comida Especial!)

The mothers cooked for the teachers today. They prepared tacos, empanadas, tamales, cornbread, flan, tres leches cake, and much more. What a delightful feast...and all made with love!

Muchisimos gracias,

Every family has special foods. When a family gets together to celebrate, good food is always there. What is the best food in your family? Make a list of the special dishes your family enjoys.  Send it to me! I'd love to read it!